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home : insight & opinion : editorials July 3, 2020

4/20/2004 4:27:00 PM Email this articlePrint this article 
Find ways to work together
Mediation is a Band-Aid.

What the solution is — and what the real problem is — only Robinson Township officials know.

The Daily News has been doing its best to give the township’s taxpayers an idea of the issues surrounding the board’s conflict with Road Commissioner Tony Hamilton, and what’s being done to resolve it.

And all township residents should applaud the board’s decision to open the minutes of meetings concerning those issues, in compliance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

But ultimately, news coverage, letters to the editor or even editorials like this one are not going to make a difference in whether township officials can work together to conduct taxpayers’ business.

What will make a difference is for those offcials to stop sniping at each other and find ways to work together.

While the mediation that Hamilton requested can help the township get past this controversy, we are being told that that the conflicts and personality issues may go way back. That’s not unusual among boards, councils and other governing bodies, but most are able to manage those issues, find common ground and get their jobs done.

Certainly Roger Eddy, Crawford County’s representative in Springfield, could offer local officials some insight on that. Any legislator has to be able to work with those across the aisle with whom he doesn’t always agree, and whom he may not even like. They do it because it’s their responsibility to us as citizens and taxpayers; not working together is not an option.

Should we expect any less at the township level, or in a local school board or city council? Robinson Township officials are wasting time, effort and money dealing with conflicts that have little to do with the services the township is supposed to provide for taxpayers.

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