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home : insight & opinion : join the conversation August 4, 2020

Write a letter:

The Daily News welcomes letters to the editor, especially on local subjects. They may be mailed to the Daily News, P.O. Box 639, Robinson, IL 62454. Letters may also be e-mailed to with "letter to the editor" in the subject line, or faxed to (618) 544-9533.
We ask that writers follow these guidelines:
• Letters must be signed to be considered for publication, and the writer's name must appear with the letter. On letters with multiple signatures only the first name on the list will be published; a note will indicate the number of unpublished signatures.
• Writers should provide a daytime phone number and mailing address to verify authenticity and in case of questions. Writers' phone numbers or street addresses will not be published.
• Political endorsements, "thank you" messages and letters referring to specific businesses will be referred to the Daily News advertising department. • Letters may not contain material that is libelous - damaging to a person's reputation - or in poor taste.
• Shorter letters are better-read. Letters should be limited to one double-spaced typed page.
• Original letters receive greater consideration for publication than form or mass-mailed letters.

Contribute a column:

Writing a letter to the editor isn't the only way you can participate on the Daily News Insight & Opinion page.
Guest columns are a way to express opinions that need more space, more analysis or more background information than can be included in a letter. They are an ideal way to explore the "pros and cons" of local issues in the news, to explain a complicated proposal, or to develop an argument on a controversial or complex issue.
But guest columns aren't just for controversies. You can also write a guest column to express a personal view of the community or daily life - maybe to help readers get to know more about a local volunteer effort, an interesting person or some other "good news" topic. A guest column can also call attention to a need in the community, or encourage citizens to get behind a worthy cause. While guest columns get more space on the Insight & Opinion page, they are also subject to the same editing as if the writer were a member of the Daily News Staff - for style, accuracy, fairness, clarity and readability, mostly. And, just as if you were on our staff, we can help you if you're not quite sure how to approach a topic or need a hand with organizing and presenting your ideas.
If you have more questions or would like to take the plunge and write a guest column, contact Managing Editor Greg Bilbrey at or call 544-2101, ext. 111, to discuss what you have in mind and the best way to present it. It's a great way to get involved in your community, no matter where you live in Crawford County.

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